Robots pirates are coming to steel your precious scrap you use to maintain yourself! luckily you can use that scrap to create useful traps instead to ward them off! 

Do robots dream of electric sheep? I'm sure our plucky little trash can was happy powered down and left to rust. Now a new threat approaches, A band of rust clad intrepid swash bucklers have come to plunder what is left of what our trash can calls home. Warning systems wake up from a long dozy sleep and shake off the weeds that have so lovingly encroached and snuggled up to them. A shrill klaxon starts to blare and our maintenance trash can starts to diligently rummage for any scrap or spare, searching for morsels of useful rust. The trashcan defends what was once home to many lords and ladies, but it is now the sole proprietor. The Trashcan is a relic of old systems, left behind and forgotten about on a castle in the sky...
The threat crashes against the door, these pirates are no disorganized rabble, they think as one and are prepared to sacrifice the few for the hive. With a second crash they pour through the decrepit gate and run over the first of the castle's defences; these defences have grown comfortable in the loving embrace of entropy and will require a stern talking to from the trashcan. There had been a portion of the castle courtyard that had been roasted by the sun day after day, and thus, no creeping vines or creepy crawly's had dared go near. This is where the threat starts to have trouble, this trap had remained germaphobic for just long enough to continue its function to fling would be attackers high into the air and right back onto their backside. This hero of trap is exactly what our trash can needs to buy some time, it finishes scrapping for nuts and bolts and gets to work repairing the whimsical traps left in store for the greedy attackers. The trash can fixes a spring boxing glove, that concertinas out of the wall, knocking the attackers back with bruised noses and scraped circuits. It then goes on to repair a bowler, that throws a heft ball and knocks the attackers over, getting a perfect strike. the trash can has repelled the attackers, and with that, its batteries are running low, its motors are failing, and that's when he hears the klaxon again... Once more into the breach.

W - Forward

A - Left

S - Backward

D - Right

B - Build

Left Click - Place

Scroll - Change Trap

Enter - Start Wave


Left Stick - Move

Right Stick - Look

South Button - Build

East Button - Next Wave

Right Bumper - Change Trap

Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
AuthorHenry Tribble
GenreStrategy, Action, Puzzle
Tags3D, Casual, Comedy, Mechs, Short, Singleplayer, Third Person, Tower Defense


Scrap Defender.exe 638 kB

Install instructions

Select  'ScrapDefenders.exe'

It may warn about viruses but that would just be because it is an unknown file. 

A pop up will show with a message saying 'Do you want to allow this app from an unknown publisher to make changes to your device?',  click yes

That unknown publisher is me and the changes are installing the game. 

Select where you want the game to be installed, then click next.

Tick for a desktop shortcut or not, select next.

Then click Install.

Once Installed navigate to where you installed the game and click to open. 

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